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CellarVie Wines is a service that sells many wines and spirits over the net. The business is very small, as it is family owned. They specialize in selling the most premium of wines and spirits. The business' aim is to provide you with an excellent service and the best wine, going along with their motto 'to help you learn, taste and enjoy'.

CellarVie Wines started off as a father-son online wine retailer back in 2010. The Managing Director of the company, Christopher Carson, has had 40 years of wine-related experience, so he knows how to provide an excellent service. Their aim is to provide the most high quality, stylish, and most affordable wines out there that are not commonly found in high street stores. The business' aim is not just to sell wine to customers, but to give each customer a unique experience and to help them learn about the history of wines. CellarVie Wines want you to learn more about wine with each bottle you buy, and that is a unique trait.