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When natural habitats fall below a critical level, the result is extinction. The extinction of species puts several factors into jeopardy, such as food chains and our supply of food in the future. It is, therefore, imperative that human beings draw up strategies that will help further conserve our species. The Aspinall Foundation identified the need for conserving wildlife veering towards extinction. Their main agenda is to provide a natural and safe habitat for these animals to enhance the continuity of the species. Human encroachment has threatened the very survival of these animals. To exclude themselves, they land in unfamiliar territories that do not fully support their survival and reproduction leading to their extinction. The land to population ratio decreases by the day and in some cases, wild animals are forced to invade the habitats of human beings; a sure recipe for strife. The Aspinall Foundation seeks to end this crisis by setting up rescue centres in the form of natural habitats for these endangered species. Money is vital in running this venture. For this reason, they have a breeding programme that is open to the public who adopt these breeds at a low cost. They also hire their venues for events, helping them generate income. These drives are pivotal in collecting revenue to help with their conservation agenda.