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RyanAir is a very successful airline that always has many great budget flights. RyanAir is based in Ireland, and it operates all around Europe. Many cheap flights are available on RyanAir from the UK to Spain, and from France to Germany. There are many more destinations to choose from. The company also provides in-flight catering that costs an extra fee, but is optional. This may seem like a different approach from other commercial airlines that provide in-flight catering, however when you consider how short the flights will be, it really is not a serious issue. Be sure to check booking agents to find out if there are any discounts available online. You can also check the RyanAir website frequently, as the company itself usually provide many great discounts on their flights.

RyanAir have a large variety of gift vouchers which gives you a great opportunity to take advantage of many cheap flights. You can end up saving plenty of money when you go on that trip to your favourite European location. RyanAir currently has over 436 routes across 24 countries, so get booking!