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There are luxurious hotels. Then there is the Doyle Collection. I like to think of it as modern day paradise. Forget the profit driven hotels that give you less value for your money. Once you visit the Doyle Collection, you will be tempted to pay more. The Doyle Collection is a series of urban hotels exuding sophistication in an unrivalled style. It is not your home away from home; it is your dream home. Owned by an Irish family, they are located in the most central cities of the world, namely, Washington DC, Dublin, Bristol, Cork and London. The architecture of these hotels is built against the backdrop of the cultures of these cities, giving its guests a glimpse of their host city within walls. The line of luxury hotels has employed over 1200 employees without discriminating them on race, gender, culture or religious basis. Regardless of the city you find us in, expect the same perfect quality of service.